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painting a Telemark flower
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Painting a Telemark flower
Demonstration by Bev Gunderson:



After preparing a palette, Bev begins with her blue mix and paints a beginning flower petal. ("c" and "s" strokes are used.)

Because rosemaling strokes are best pulled "toward you", Bev turns her work as she paints.




With blue petals made, she switches to her red mix and adds red petals.




Petal strokes are made by pulling outward from the center, in the direction a flower "grows".




Changing to her yellow mix, side loaded in blue, Bev adds to her flower.


Additional, smaller, red and blue petals are added to the flower.



With the dark mix a center "base" is placed on the flower.




From this center, Bev paints a stem.





Linework is used to "outline" the flower





Additional linework is used to embellish the flower.


A finished Telemark flower.






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