Rosemaling Classes

INRA offers classes at all levels in the different rosemaling styles. Classes are open to anyone who becomes a member.

Typically for our classes:

  1. Instructions and a required materials list (paints, brushes) are included with the class information packet provided to students after registration.
  2. Students are responsible for supplying their own brushes, paints, etc.
  3. Preparation of woodenware including application of design must be completed prior to class.
  4. Steps will be demonstrated by the teacher and the student will be able to paint areas demonstrated.

Experience Level descriptions:

  • True Beginner – Never had a rosemaling class, needs to learn to how to background paint the woodenware piece, and learn the strokes and linework of a first rosemaling style.
  • Beginner – Has had at least one rosemaling class, but wants to be walked through the steps of a project. May be learning a new style or technique.
  • Advanced Beginner – Knows basic strokes, is able to background woodenware and transfer a pattern prior to class in which a pattern is used to complete a project.
  • Intermediate – Can independently complete a project start to finish, is taking classes to improve skills and techniques, and enjoys challenge of learning to adapt patterns and create personal designs.
  • Advanced Intermediate – Completes independent projects, learning additional design skills and techniques to improve personal projects.
  • Advanced – Has mastered one or more styles. Independently creates designs and completes personal projects.

Rosemaling Basic Techniques with Julie Anderson via ZOOM

  • Thursday evenings 6:30-9pm Central
  • February 29, March 7, 14 and 21
  • All levels of painters from Beginner to Advanced
  • Demonstrations in oil paints and acrylic paints
  • Variety of Rosemaling styles
  • $75 plus $15 membership

OS style three legged doll size chair

OS style three legged doll size chair with Lois Mueller via ZOOM

  • February 24 & 25: 9am – noon and 1-4pm each day for 12 hours total
  • Taught in acrylic paints
  • Order the doll sized chair by Feb 1 from Etsy
  • Recommended for intermediate level students
  • $100 + $15 annual membership
doll size three legged chair

Animals in Rosemaling with Louise Bath via Zoom

  • Wednesday evenings: March 6,13, 20 6:30 – 9 pm Central
  • you can choose your style of rosemaling for the border.
  • Lancaster box $29 + shipping. Please order by February 20. Turn of the century SHOP
  • Recommended for advanced level painter.
  • $80 + $15 annual membership

Large Scale Project Design with Lise Lorentzen via Zoom

  • Monthly on Tuesdays 6:30-9:30 pm Central
  • March 5, April 9, May 7, June 4 2024
  • Provide your own woodenware, paint in oils or acrylics
  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced rosemalers
  • Students work independently between classes
  • $115 + $15 annual membership

*** Completed Classes ***

Linework Ornaments with Kim Garrett

Telemark Style Holiday Sending Basket with Jan Boettcher

Rosemaling Basic Techniques with Julie Anderson

Agder Style 10″ Plate with Trudy Peach

10″ bowl in Agder Style by Trudy Peach

Ryfylke Style Plate with Nancy Odalen (VGM)

Rococo design class with Diane Edwards

Rococco Design class with Diane Edwards

Hallingdal Project/Design Class with Julie Anderson

Patriotic Plate, Telemark style with Kristen Birkeland

Trondelag style tray with Louise Bath

Telemark Design with Nancy Schmidt

Tavern Mirror painted with oils in Telemark Style March 2023

Basic Rosemaling Techniques – Julie Anderson

Setesdal Bowl – Kim Garrett

Telemark Style Christmas Tree – Jan Boettcher

Fall True Beginner – Rosemaling Ornaments

Rosemaling in Os style -Julie Anderson

Hallingdal Style Stepstool -Lise Lorentzen

Stepstool in Hallingdal Style by Lise Lorentzen

September 2022 – Telemark Style Gameboard – Kristen Birkeland

Telemark Style Gameboard by Kristen Birkeland

June 2022 Ryfylke Rosemaling Box – Jan Boettcher

May 2022 – Beginner Gudbrandsdal in Acrylics with Lise Lorentzen

April 2022 – Os Bracelets – with Denise Richard-Franco

March 2022 – Rosemaled Eggs – with Lise Lorentaen

March 2022 – True Beginner Class – Telemark Coasters with Kim Garrett

January – March 2022 Introduction to Round Objects with Diane Edwards

November 2021 Demystifying Design for Rosemalers – Telemark style taught by Patti Goke, VGM

October 2021 True Beginner Class– Transparent Telemark Style in Acrylic paints with Lise Lorentzen

October 2021 Intermediate/Advanced Class – Fjord Horse Pull Toy taught by Jan Boettcher

September 2021: Gudbrandsdal Style covered bowl taught by Andrea Herkert

July 2021: Rosemaling Style Characteristics by Patti Goke

July 2021: Welcome Plaques for Beginners taught by Lise Lorentzen

Welcome Plaque

May 2021: Mangleboard in Vest Agder Style taught by Jan Boettcher

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mangleboard-full.png

April 2021: Raudsaumsmaling style on 12″ plate taught by Kim Garrett (repeat of January class)

March 2021: True Beginner Class: Ornaments in transparent Telemark Style taught by Lise Lorentzen

February 27 to March 27, 2021: March Madness open studio work on projects while on Zoom with other members

January 2021: Raudsaumsmaling style on 12″ plate taught by Kim Garrett

November 2020: Valdres Style Sled taught by Lois Mueller

July 2020: Hallingdal Style Door Crown taught by Lise Lorentzen

July 2020 Hallingdal style